Sculptor Fernando Pinto

Fernando Pinto

Winner Biennal 2012


Wayanaisi & Intiawki, love legend
Carving in Stone and Steel

The legend tells that in the Fuquene lake, two lovers, Wayainisi and Intiawki, were sailing in a Uro (a canoe made out of reeds). Wayainisi was the princess of the Muzos tribe. Fu, the protector god of the lake and his tribe, was absolutely amazed with her beauty since she had become a woman and had reflected herself in the waters of the lake. As they was getting to the shore, where white lilies grew, Intiawki tear a lily out to offer it to Wayainisi as a symbol of his pure love for her, and in the very moment when he gave her the flower, Fu transformed into a golden catfish, pushed Wayainisi out of the Uro and pulled her into the lake bottom. While she was sinking, Intiawki grasped the lily Wayainisi was holding, but when he lifted it up, she had disappeared. Since then, Intiawki spent every day of his life gathering lilies thinking that each lily he took, her loved Wayainisi may appear on that lily being returned by the god Fu.
Besides speaking about this beautiful legend of lovers with the uro of Intiawki full of collected lilies, mi work intends to create a place to celebrate the purity of love, for that reason, the work is a seesaw that moves with the strength of two persons, while the lilies move, they create a sound as music that moves between them, that symbolizes that love that does not die over time.

Most important awards

2012: 1st prize, International Biennial of Sculptures, Resistencia, Argentina.
2010: 2nd prize, Biennial of Sculpture, Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2007: 1st prize, 14th Simposio Internazionale Nantopietra, Vicenza, Italy.

Participation in contests

2017: Buyukcemece International Symposium, Istambul, Turkey.
2016: Simpetra, Caldas de Rainha, Portugal. International
2013: Izmir International Sculpture Workshop, Izmir, Turkey.
2012: 15th Symposium Internazionale su pietre del Friuli, Venezia giulia. International Biennial of Sculpture.
2011: 2nd BenQinternational Monumental Sculpture Workshop, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
2010: BenQinternational Monumental Sculpture Workshop, Hsinchu, Taiwan. 12th ChangChun Sculpture Symposium ChangChun, China.
2009: Hualien International Stone Sculpture, Hualien, Taiwan.