Sculptor Thierry Ferreira

Thierry Ferreira

Winner Biennal 2014


CUBICmotus #71027072
Steel Sculpture

The sculpture CUBICmotus#71027072 presents itself a geometric structure with an architectural trait, which comprises an element that we could aptly name “line-skeleton”.
The “line-skeleton” materializes itself on a white metallic structure (Pantone 11-0601 Bright White) with twelve sections of ø2” structural steel tube, 2,5 mm thick, fixed to each other, which outline a geometric shape in space.
Its dimensions are 495 x 375 x 310 cm.
The sculpture CUBICmotus#71027072 was specifically conceived and imagined for its presentation at CHACO BIENNIAL 2018, in which my critical reflection uses, as its starting point, the juxtaposition between my territory of artistic research and the territory that regards the city of Resistencia as a “place” or a “location” of art, based on the conceptual guidelines that conduct the Chaco Biennial 2017.
In this sense, we can perceive this work based on the theme of Chaco Biennial 2017, “Identity in motion”, and look at the sculpture CUBICmotus#71027072 as a trademark of a singular artistic production, materialized and carried out through the movement of the body on the matter.

Most important awards

2015: Honourable mention in the 7th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium
2014: First Prize, International Sculpture Biennial of Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina
2011: Second Prize in the Jingpo Town International Sculpture Art Festival, China
2008: First Prize of Sculpture, Ansião, Portugal
2005: First Prize of Sculpture, Artur Bual – Amadora, Portugal
2004: Honourable mention in the Prize Baviera Plastic Arts, V. N. de Cerveira, Portugal
2003: Honourable mention in the IV edition Painting and Sculpture Prize D. Fernando II, Portugal.

Participation in contests

2016: “CUBISindustrie#61028021”, Sept îles, Quebec, Canada. “CUBICFairyTale #51022020”, Penza, Russia. “CUBIC#61026061”, Caransebes, Romania.
2015: “CUBIC#51020161, Tehran, Iran.
2014: “CUBIC#41020101, Pingtan, China. LibertéCUBIC#41029012, Julienne, France. “SemillaCUBIC#41028091”, Resistência, Argentina. “MovementCUBIC#41028092”, Marco Juárez, Argentina. “CUBIC#41026001”, Rawabi, Palestine.
2012: “CUBIC#21020182”, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil.